1862 – Homage to Emily Dickinson

New Album 03/20/20 […german description]

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886, Biopic-Series currently available on Apple TV+), only lived in her unpublished poetry. Based on twelve poems created in 1862 Marc Pendzich composed this musical jewel: romantic, timeless, celebrating life, worshiping nature.

Emily Dickinson, today’s most beloved poet from the 19th Century, only came to life in her poems: Back home at her parents’ house in Amherst (Massachusetts) where she secluded herself in her room she created an entirely unique world through 1800 poems: intense, yearning, godly, passionate. Especially remarkable is her burst of creativity during the years of the American Civil War: Solely from the year 1862, 226 works are preserved. According to the composer Marc Pendzich (“SELMA – Hommage an Selma Merbaum”; “Nachtgesang – Hommage an May Ayim”) her poems have a unique tone that he urged to capture in music – supported by a special recording of the spoken lyrics by a native speaker from Emily’s region. Additionally, the copyright of some of the 19th Century lyrics had to be licensed by the Harvard University due to the unconventional process of publication.       

This is how a musical treasure evolved: romantic, timeless, embracing life, worshipping nature – with infinite fascination for the “female Van Gogh of poetry”, who did not publish a single piece of writing in her lifetime.

  • Music, Arrangements, Vocals, Recording, Mix,
    Production: Marc Pendzich
  • Mastering: Flo Siller at Bias Beach Hamburg

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